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About the COMPLETE GUIDE – Lure Fishing Series


“Do you want to learn the art of freshwater lure fishing?”

“Do you find it hard to find all the information in one place?”

“That’s what Social Fishing is here to do!”


“Do you see photos of monster fish and wish that was you in the picture? You can now learn the secrets of freshwater success with the first ever COMPLETE Lure Fishing Video Series.”


The COMPLETE GUIDE is a video tutorial series that has been filmed over the past two years and incorporates not only vital education but great footage and cinematography. The series teaches you the fundamentals of freshwater lure fishing, covering every aspect of fishing across a number of series that will help you catch more fish. The videos are presentation based, just like a teaching setting which is brought to you by the Social Fishing team members.

Each series has been created in the same structure and layout making it easy for you to navigate. That way you can choose exactly what you want to learn about; whether that be which lures to use, which gear or maybe how to troll – it’s all there. Each video dives into a specific element of that area of fishing, where we talk about the fine details.

Lure Fishing Tutorial Series

Below are the four main tutorial lure fishing series that have been filmed and are available for you to watch now. The first four series have over 5.5 hours of jam packed education! That’s more than 20 tutorials with over 300 mins worth of the best in freshwater fishing education!

To watch the introduction for the series click on the image below.

More Lure Fishing Tutorial Series coming very soon!

Series Tutorial Parts

Pt 1 – Introduction

This is the first video which provides you with an over view of the series and what there is to learn in the other tutorials. Each introduction video ends with some exciting fishing action relevant to that style of fishing. It is very exciting action and they are all worth a watch.

Pt 2 – Gear Selection

In this part of the series we begin our lessons as we sit down and run through the specific gear you need. We talk in detail, nothing left to ask, we cover; rod specifications like length, weight and we talk in depth about the styles and types of reels, from there we cover line and leader, the breaking strain, colour and brands. We then move on to other essential items that you will need.

Pt 3 – Lure Selection

The layout of this tutorial is similar to the ‘Gear Selection’ tutorial – except this is all about lures. We sit down and talk to you about the different styles of lures, why we use them and why they work. Brands, colours, shapes and weights are all covered to help you choose the best lure possible.

Pt 4 – Casting

The casting tutorials are where the excitement happens. We head out onto the water and show you:

  • What structure the fish are hiding on
  • How to analyse the structure and determine the best locations
  • Where you should be casting
  • The different lure retrieval techniques

And many more tips! Along with some fishing action as we show you the techniques producing the

Pt 5 – Trolling

In this series you will learn how to troll and successfully catch fish. We head out onto the water and teach you the specific techniques for each style of fishing. Where you need to be trolling, your trolling speed, the depth your lures need to be swimming, how much line to let out and heaps more!


Now all of these above tutorials are included in most series (some aren’t applicable). If you want to learn about which lures you need to target Murray Cod in dams, then there is a tutorial just for that. No stone is left unturned in the incredible Lure Fishing Series.