Learn How to Tie Knots

Here you will find over 10 tutorial videos from the Social Fishing Team teaching you how to tie a whole host of fishing knots. From the basic ‘Blood Knot’ for tying hooks to more advanced knots for joining leader.

In the videos we give a quick overview about; how difficult it is to tie each knot (easy, medium or hard), the application of the knot (if it joins leader or if it is used to fix a hook or lure) and what line class works with each knot.


There are tutorial videos on:

Blood Knot

Uni Knot

Loop Knot

Bimini Twist with Fusion Knot

PR Knot

FG Knot

Slim Beauty

Paternosta Rig

Running Sinker Rig


And there are many more videos coming your way soon!

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