Achieve your Fishing DREAMS!

We are here to help you catch more fish! There is nothing better than heading out and achieving your goal… whether that be; catching your first fish on a lure – maybe catching that magic metre mark cod (160)

Achieve your Fishing DREAMS!

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Windamere Golden Perch

Murray Stewart 0

Tips, tricks and techniques for cracking the code of one of Australia’s most renowned golden perch fisheries. Golden perch (aka yellow belly or callop) are one of Australia’s most prominent and iconic freshwater species, plus they are a great fish to target. (600)

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Wrap Up from GoFish Nagambie 2019

Rhys Creed 0

GoFish Nagambie 2019 was set to be Australia’s richest and biggest fishing competition – and it was a massive success! It was the events first year that ran across four days, April 25-18. Rewind 6 months… no one knew or had even heard of GoFish Nagambie (585)