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Extra Trout Stockings Boost Fishing Opportunities


12 November 2015

Nearly 28,000 extra trout will be stocked into four Victorian lakes in coming months to boost freshwater fishing opportunities and encourage newcomers to wet a line this spring.

The rainbow and brown trout will all be of catchable size, weighing between 200 grams and 1kg each when released.

The Eildon Pondage will receive 22,000 extra rainbow trout, averaging 200 grams each, to be released at regular intervals between now and January. A further 500 bigger rainbow trout, of around 1kg each, will be stocked during Christmas and New Year.

Lake Karkarook will receive 800 extra rainbow trout averaging 200g each.

Pykes Creek Reservoir, near Ballan, will be stocked with 3,000 extra trout, consisting of 1,200 brown trout around 300g each and 1,800 rainbow trout of 200 grams each.

Devilbend Reservoir, on the Mornington Peninsula, will receive 1,200 extra rainbow trout around 200 grams and 400 brown trout of 300 grams each.

Low winter rainfall and drying conditions elsewhere across the state would see some trout stockings redirected to places with more water.

Several planned stockings will not proceed this spring because of falling water levels, However Fisheries Victoria managers have tried to keep fish in the district so that local anglers won’t miss out.

Amongst the beneficiaries for redirected trout will be lakes Gillear (3000), Wartook (7000), Konong Wootong (4000), Rocklands (10000), Aringa (2000), West Barwon (4000), Hamilton (1000), Wurdiboluc (5000) and the Merri River (3000).

Fisheries Victoria’s fish stocking program, which includes trout and native fish such as Murray cod and golden perch, is funded by recreational fishing licence fees and Target One Million.


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