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Editorial – Social Fishing Update

Editorial – Social Fishing Update


Editorial – 15th March 2016
Rhys Creed

Welcome everyone to this edition of the Social Fishing website editorial. I just want to give you a quick update on what’s happening with Social Fishing. First things first, the Social Fishing launch competition was drawn on Sunday night and a big congratulations to all the winners! With Graham Osborne taking out first prize and winning himself over $1,500 worth of freshwater gear!

I’d also like to let everyone know that there is an array of information on the website in forms of videos, articles, reports and gear reviews. Make sure you have a look around the website each week as we are always uploading new content.

Here is a list of a few new articles on the website that are defiantly worth taking a look at:

We are in the process of filming 4 more tutorial series to add to the ‘Complete Guide – Lure Fishing Series’. These will complete the entire series and they will cover every aspect of freshwater fishing in Australia. The series that we are working on at the moment are; ‘Carp on Lures and Fly’ & ‘Surface Fishing for Murray Cod’. In the near future we will also be filming: ‘Trout on Fly’, ‘Trout in Dams’ and ‘Redfin on Lures’. We have a jam packed year ahead of us filming these videos! Once completed it will be the one stop shop of freshwater fishing education in our beautiful country.

To help us make these videos even better for you please email us with your ideas and thoughts. We would love to hear your opinion about what you would like to learn. Email these ideas to: admin@socialfishing.com.au

That’s a roundup of what’s happening on the Social Fishing website. For more frequent updates follow us on Facebook as we post an array of photos and videos on a regular basis.

Rhys Creed
Social Fishing Founder


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