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Editorial 17th February 2017

Editorial 17th February 2017


Editorial 17th February 2017
Written by Rhys Creed

The summer heat of late has really knocked the fish around and has also forced us to stay indoors. Last week we were hit with temperatures in the mid 40’s before a cool change swept through in the form of large and intense thunder storms!

The summer heat can turn the natives right off as they sulk on the bottom expelling as little energy as possible. BUT in saying this when a storm is approaching the fish can switch on and feed extremely aggressive! It’s amazing how quick they can change their behaviour and it’s all to do with the weather conditions.

Read more about – Fishing in Summer Weather Conditions – Click HERE

Extreme Heat

The extreme summer heat has slowed the native fish down in the past few weeks, in both creeks, river and dams. The start of summer will always fish better up until we start getting multiple days in the high 30’s and low 40’s.

In saying this there is a compensation for the slow fishing as the fish may not be doing much during the day but come night fall the water begins to cool down – and this means the fish switch on! This is why surface fishing in summer under the stars is such a successful technique.

Now if we talk about the heat and Trout – it actually works in our favour. Trout love the high temperature because it bring out masses of bugs, these bugs fall into the water and the trout feed! This is why fly fishing with dries in summer is the go to technique. The trout are actively looking out for bugs, grass hoppers, insects and all sorts of creatures to fall onto the water’s surface.

Filming Update – Complete Guide Series

Murray Cod on Surface Tutorial

This leads me to talk about the last few weekends where we have been out filming more tutorials for the NEW Complete Guide Series! We spent a weekend on a small creek filming the ‘Surface Fishing for Murray Cod – Small Creeks’ tutorial which was nothing short of insane! This tutorial is full of everything you need to know about surface fishing from:

  • the lures to use
  • analysing the water you’re fishing
  • how to find the perfect surface fishing water
  • the structure to target
  • the retrieve style

And best of all, we filmed heaps surface fishing action! We were lucky enough to capture our biggest small creek cod ever, on this weekend and all on camera! Chris landed a monster 102cm Murray Cod from this tiny creek and is to date his best capture.

Read the story about Chris’ 102cm Murray Cod – Click HERE

If you’re a keen cod angler and want to learn more about surface fishing, this tutorial is for you and it’s coming soon!

In the mean time we have an article on the website that talks all about surface fishing: ‘Murray Cod on Surface: How to catch cod off the top!’ – Click HERE

Trout on Fly Tutorial

Last weekend was another busy one on the water as we travelled down into Victoria to meet up with James Norney from Mountain Fly. This was our second time filming with James in the high country finishing off the Trout on Fly tutorial series.

The setting in which we filmed is nothing short of spectacular! With remarkable scenery, creeks and fish this series is set, not only to be full of education and tips but is also a great tutorial to sit back and enjoy!

Jack and James set out on a small, clear creek catching beautifully coloured Trout on dry, which would have to be one of the most exciting forms of fly fishing. I learnt a lot about fly fishing while filming this series and I’m sure you will too. This series will be released along with the other new tutorials that are coming very soon!

James Norney and Jack Zyhalak with a beautiful pair of Trout caught while filming the Complete Guide Series

Environmental Water, Blackwater and Fish Kills

At the end of last year we saw one of the worst Blackwater events to happen in the Murray Darling Basin in recent years. This devastated the fish population, especially large Murray Cod which perished due to lack of oxygen levels in the water.

This fish kill ignited intense discussions among the fishing community as there was little information around as to why this had happened. The scientists, peak bodies who regulate water and understand water didn’t answer anything! A couple of media release with farfetched English language which made it impossible to understand were released but it didn’t answer any questions.

That being said I took matters into my own hands to research and find out why it this happened. I wanted to find the proper information from people who study these events. I dived in and wrote a couple of separate article which help explain; Blackwater and Environmental Flows.

If you would like to learn more on any of those matters click on the links below to read the articles:

Fish Kill 2016 – Click HERE

What are Environmental Flows? – Click HERE

What is Blackwater? – Click HERE

There is a lot happening at the moment and as the next few months roll on we look towards the best time of the year! April is by far my favourite month and I cannot wait! We have more tips, articles and video coming soon to help you with more about freshwater fishing!

Rhys Creed


Rhys Creed Rhys Creed is the Founder of Social Fishing. He has grown up with a love for freshwater fishing, especially lure fishing for natives. His favourite style of fishing is casting for Murray Cod in fast water rivers. He is passionate about bringing to you the best in freshwater fishing education!


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