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Rod & Reel Setup for Golden Perch Fishing


What is the best rod and reel setup for Golden Perch (Yellowbelly)?

It’s that time of year when the perch are feeding up in the dams and everyone wants to get out and have a crack. If you don’t know what gear is the best for casting lures, here is a quick introduction:


  • 6ft10in up to 7ft2in
  • Graphite blank (not fibreglass)
  • Fast action (this is very important for casting and fighting the fish)


  • 2500 size spin reel


  • Braid 6lb up to 10lb


  • 8lb up to 14lb

This is just a brief overview about the setup for this style of fishing, but there is so much more to learn to unlock this style of fishing.

If you’re someone who wants to get into this style of fishing but aren’t sure exactly how to do it check out this link here for more information.

Rhys Creed


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