Home Podcast Interviews Ep 4 – James Norney: Fly Fishing in Australia – Murray Cod & Trout
Ep 4 – James Norney: Fly Fishing in Australia – Murray Cod & Trout

Ep 4 – James Norney: Fly Fishing in Australia – Murray Cod & Trout


Ep 4 - Overview

On today’s episode of The Social Fishing Podcast, I talk to a special guest and good mate of mine who has an addictive passion for fly fishing, James Norney. He is a down to earth bloke who loves to chase any fish that swims using his fly rod.

He has travelled the world chasing a range of species, but it all started down in Victoria chasing Carp and Trout. We get to know a little bit about James’ background before talking about the best setups, fly selection and techniques for Trout. We also touch on fly fishing for Murray Cod!

In this episode

Where did the passion of fly fishing start James (8:00)

James’ personal brand, Mountain Fly and Guiding (16:30)

Starting out – Fly Setups for Trout (27:00)

Best Carp Flies (41:50)

Best Dry Flies for Trout (43:30)

Backwater Fly Fishing for Trout (Goulburn & Tumut River) (45:00)

Top Victorian Trout rivers & streams (56:00)

Murray Cod on Fly (58:00)

Where to now for you? (1:17:30)

Connect with James Norney

Mentioned in this episode

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