Home Podcast Ep 10 – Tips and Techniques for Spring Golden Perch with Rhys & Tallis
Ep 10 – Tips and Techniques for Spring Golden Perch with Rhys & Tallis

Ep 10 – Tips and Techniques for Spring Golden Perch with Rhys & Tallis


Ep 10 - Overview

Spring is well and truly here and that means its time to chase Golden Perch! We have so much to share about these incredible fish and best of all they are the perfect target if you are new to the fishing game. They are active, inquisitive and regularly feed.

In this episode I sit down with Tallis Cotterill and we cover a range of Tips and Techniques for this time of year. We get right in depth on what to do in September and October, what areas to fish and the best approach for these areas. We share stories and our own experience from on the water and what lures we find best to use for the next two months.

We touch on both dams and rivers and we cover plenty of content. Even if you’ve been fishing for years, you’ll be sure to pick up something new in this episode.

In this episode

Introduction into chasing spring goldens (5:00)

Change in current weather patterns (9:30)

Best technique for early spring in lakes (13:00)

Leader and mainline setup (20:00)

Water temperature change and yella behaviour (23:00)

Talking about waterways; Windamere, Eildon, Burrinjuck and more (25:00)

Fishing the standing trees (30:30)

Technique: vertical jigging or slow rolling trees (36:30)

Bait fishing in lakes & dams (42:30)

River and creek bank walking techniques (46:00)

Different setups for river v dam (50:00)

Our plans for the next few weeks (51:20)

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