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Ep 22 – Tips for the Summer Season with Rhys Creed ft. Murray Stewart

Ep 22 – Tips for the Summer Season with Rhys Creed ft. Murray Stewart


Ep 22 - Overview

First episode for 2020, the new decade and we are straight into plenty of tips and content to help you over the summer months. The episode begins few listener questions that have been submitted over the past few weeks. There are some great questions that you’ll learn a lot from as I explain my thoughts. Then I’m joined by SF team member Murray Stewart as he helps me answer a listener question about fishing Wyangla Dam. Then Murray stays on and I ask him a few questions about his recent fishing trips and what he has been up to.

Then I finish up the episode with the best fishing styles for the summer months. This is a jam-packed episode with plenty on content!

In this episode

Listener Questions (4:00)

  • Bill – What are the best lures to use in the Murrumbidgee River? (4:00)
  • Dan – When fishing with hardbodies in rivers, what role does the current play? (8:00)
  • Jackson – If you were heading out cod fishing for 5 days, where would you go for the best chance of numbers of fish? (15:55)
  • Dylan – What is your preferred method of target Golden perch in lakes and dams in low light periods (17:45)
  • Jack – Any tips for fishing Wyangla (19:30)

Chat with Murray Stewart about his recent trips chasing Bass & Cod (28:15)


Best fishing styles for summer…

Chasing big cod in lakes & dams – Lake Eildon & Mulwala and more (49:00)

Golden Perch in lakes over summer (55:00)

Surface fishing for cod on small creeks and river (57:00)

Trout in small streams (59:00)

Visual backwater Trout fishing in irrigation rivers (1:00:00)

Catching Carp on lures and fly (1:08:30)

Recent trip on the Murrumbidgee River (1:09:30)

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