Home Podcast Interviews Ep 26 – Darren Weda: Eildon Murray Cod & Passion for Photography
Ep 26 – Darren Weda: Eildon Murray Cod & Passion for Photography

Ep 26 – Darren Weda: Eildon Murray Cod & Passion for Photography


Ep 26 - Overview

In this episode I sit down and talk with Darren Weda! He loves his fishing, both fresh and salt and has an incredible passion for photography and videography.

In this episode we talk about how fishing started for Darren, what he loves about photography and he also shares some tips for taking a good photo. Then we jump into talking about chasing lake Eildon Murray Cod and Darren shares his tips for chasing these fish. He talks all about chasing them in winter, the structure and banks he fishes, which lures work best, including surface lures and heaps more.

In this episode

Why does Darren love fishing (5:30)

How fishing started for Darren (8:00)

Darren’s Favourite Style of Fishing (12:00)

About InDepth Angler (14:30)

Tips for Photography and Taking a good Photo (18:00)

Enroute to Adventure Project (22:30)

Lake Eildon Cod (24:30)

Key Tips to Catching Cod in Eildon (32:00)

Tips for Chasing Winter Cod in Lake Eildon on Surface (36:30)

Key Techniques for Eildon Cod (46:30)

Best Weather Conditions for Eildon Cod (52:00)

Best Areas to Target Cod in Eildon (59:00)

Darren’s Best Catch to Date (1:04:00)

Darren’s #1 Tip for Success (1:05:00)

Connect with Darren Weda

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