Home Podcast General Ep 40 – Listener Questions and our Winter Recap Chasing Cod with Rhys & Tallis
Ep 40 – Listener Questions and our Winter Recap Chasing Cod with Rhys & Tallis

Ep 40 – Listener Questions and our Winter Recap Chasing Cod with Rhys & Tallis


Ep 40 - Overview

In this episode Tallis Cotterill and I sit down and answer your listener questions from the last few months. We have some great questions relating to chasing big winter cod and we go into details and share our thoughts and opinions. We also give a recap on our winter season chasing cod, sharing the stories and what we learnt.

Its another great episode of The Social Fishing Podcast! Sit back, relax and enjoy!

In this episode

Introduction (4:30)

A recap of our winter cod sessions (5:30)

Listener Questions (24:00)

  • Tyson Zarew – Do you fish banks with structure or do you find bait on the bank first? (24:30)
  • 3 mins ad break
  • Thyson – Frogging technique chasing Murray Cod (32:20)
  • Trav – Fluorocarbon V Braid on hook-up rates for cod (36:00)
  • Jack Logan – Best time of day to chase winter cod in rivers (39:30)
  • Matt Mildren – Do clear water tactics for cod in winter work in dirty water? (43:00)
  • Dimitri Kalleres – What size outboard would be sufficient for big lakes like Blowering Dam? (45:30)
  • Declan Stoffels – Can you do an episode on skinny water Murray Cod (49:30)
  • Hamish Lyons – Tips for a beginner who is new to lure fishing for cod? (50:00)
  • Jason Stevens – Is the Slim Beauty a good knot for cod? (53:00)
  • Trentn Warren – Went to Burrinjuck and only caught one fish for the trip, others were catching fish… what were we doing wrong? (59:00)

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