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Learning to Crawl for Perch

Learning to Crawl for Perch


Rory Benn-Clibborn from Perch Palm discusses the art of ‘craw-ling’ for redfin during the winter transition periods. This is a technique worth using as its widely underutilised and highly effective.

As we leave the depths of winter behind, it’s time to shine light on my favourite winter transition technique, ‘craw-ling’.

‘Craw-ling’, pun intended, utilises a Texas rigged crawfish imitation, fished dead slow or crawling along the bottom. It’s simple but I’ve come up with a few tricks that help consistently put a bend in the rod.

Whilst this article predominantly refers to redfin perch, this technique is not just limited to redfin. Golden perch, trout, cod and bass also love to hunt sluggish crawfish during the winter transition periods.

Rory displays his biggest perch of the 2020 season. A solid 47cm early winter craw eater.

Timing and Location

Crawfish imitation baits work year-round on redfin. However, they really come into their own during the transition periods of early and late winter when the water temperature is going through a dramatic rise or fall. This temperature shift is a trigger event for most of our freshwater species prompting them to load up on high protein food in preparation for a cold winter or spawning events.

When it comes to locating craw feeders, factors such as bait availability, weather, water levels, substrate and clarity all come into play. Come up with a game plan by researching likely areas and methodically working your way through each one.

Document or memorise your results after every session until you locate the key zones. With experience you will build up a bank of likely areas…

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