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Ep61 – Shane Domaille: The Man Behind the Goodoogang Brand & Chasing Freshwater Natives

Ep61 – Shane Domaille: The Man Behind the Goodoogang Brand & Chasing Freshwater Natives


Ep 61 - Overview

It’s crazy the people you run into in life and how a conversation for the first time can be so powerful! In this episode I sit down with Shane Domaille, the man behind the Goodoogang brand. If you have an Instagram account, you will have probably seen the @goodoogang page.

I’ve always wanted to hear from the man behind the brand and hear the story about how it all started. In this chat we talk about how fishing started for Shane, how he grew up fishing with his dad and how he got got into freshwater fishing in recent years.

From there we roll into the Goodoogang story and towards the end of the podcast we talk about some small water creek fishing and some tips if you’re looking to do the same.

Through the middle of the chat Shane opens on a tough period in his life in the past 12 months and how he dealt with the situation. This wasn’t planned and it was good to hear him share his story. This is an incredible chat and I hope you enjoy. If you’re listening, make sure you tag myself and @goodoogand in your social media stories!

In this episode

How fishing started for Shane and his journey into chasing cod (4:30)

Advice on getting started in freshwater fishing (19:00)

Shane’s Favouirte Species and Why (28:30)

Shane’s favourite and go-to lures (30:00)

General discussion about Shane’s recent sessions and fishing (33:30)

The Story of the Goodoogang Brand (37:15)

Shane opening up about tough times, Covid and resetting in life (44:30)

Back to the Goodoogang Story (57:30)

Where to for Goodoogang (1:03:30)

Positives and negatives of the fishing industry (1:11:30)

Shane’s creek outfit and setup for chasing yellas and cod (1:17:00)

Shane’s most memorable catch (1:25:00)

Shane’s final piece of advice (1:34:00)

Connect with Shane Domaille

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