Murray Cod

Big Plastics, Even Bigger Cod

Rhys Creed
Written by Rhys Creed The last month of cod season has begun and it’s one of the best. The coldest of the temperatures have hopefully past us and now we can begin to see the mercury climb. July is one of the toughest months to target not (4080)

Top 4 Tips for Targeting Winter Murray Cod

Rhys Creed
It’s the time of year when we would rather stay at home in front of the open fire. That does sound like a good idea but there is another option for those anglers still itching for a fish. Even though the conditions are far from enjoyable, the fish to be caught are nothing but (18945)

Hungry or Territorial? Why do Cod feed?

Rhys Creed
We receive many questions from anglers on a regular basis and we attempt to answer all of them. Our post last night on Facebook was in regards to surface fishing and we received a question from Nick and he brought up the topic: Why do cod attack? The question of: (1453)