Murray Cod

Native Behaviours

Rhys Creed
As anglers we can only assume how fish behave based on previous experiences. Majority of these experiences are accumulated from the position of our eyes – above the water. How the fish react below we can (3404)

The Unknown in Fishing

Rhys Creed
Hunter instinct is analysing the area in search for the prime hideout of the target. It’s located, tight up against the looming structure, the graphite blank is loaded and a cast is let fly in aim for the targeted location. The unruffled surface is penetrated as the artificial organism flails (2109)

About Murray Cod

Social Fishing
Murray Cod – Maccullochella peelii peelii   The Murray Cod is a large freshwater fish that is native to Australian waters. They are known as the king of the waterway and they are prized sport fish among anglers. (3503)