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Hungry or Territorial? Why do Cod feed?

Rhys Creed
We receive many questions from anglers on a regular basis and we attempt to answer all of them. Our post last night on Facebook was in regards to surface fishing and we received a question from Nick and he brought up the topic: Why do cod attack? The question of: (1321)

Meeting The Magic Mark

Rhys Creed
As I stepped out of my car and onto the concrete ramp I peered across a picturesque expanse of water which was Lake Burrinjuck. It looked like a perfectly painted picture as it reflected the ambience of our beautiful environment. The lake shimmered colours of blue (3403)

Bass in Small Streams

James Picker
Skinny water bass! What can I say, one of the most exciting days can be had chasing big or even small bass in rivers, creeks and streams. One of the only fish we can catch & release under size all day long and not get over it. It’s not totally imperative to land monsters every […]

Native Behaviours

Rhys Creed
As anglers we can only assume how fish behave based on previous experiences. Majority of these experiences are accumulated from the position of our eyes – above the water. How the fish react below we can (3188)

Fly Fishing for Carp

Chris Cotterill
When the term fly fishing is used in fishing circles the images of wader clad gentleman wearing khaki fly vests, delicately waving fly rods with grace and precision in high mountain streams in the search for wild (2085)

The Unknown in Fishing

Rhys Creed
Hunter instinct is analysing the area in search for the prime hideout of the target. It’s located, tight up against the looming structure, the graphite blank is loaded and a cast is let fly in aim for the targeted location. The unruffled surface is penetrated as the artificial organism flails (2041)

Brown & Rainbow Trout Profile

Social Fishing
Rainbow Trout – Oncorhynchus mykiss Brown Trout – Salmo trutta Description: Rainbow and Brown Trout are non-native to Australia. Rainbows were originally from North America and Browns from Europe. Both species have now been introduced to waters all around the world. Both species (2139)