'Learn how to lure fish for Australian freshwater fish'

Online Tutorial Series

A series of tutorial videos that teach you how to fish for Australian freshwater fish! Presented by Rhys Creed and the Social Fishing team!
'It's just like having your own fishing guide'

10 Series – 62 Videos – 25 Hours



8 Complete Guide Series
2 Bonus Series


8 Complete Guide Series
2 Bonus Series
Barometric Pressure Video
Blowering Dam Secrets e-Book
1 x Complete Guide Series on DVD


4 Complete Guide Series


Watch below to find out about this series


10 Series – 62 Videos – 25 Hours

 Learn how to catch freshwater fish on LURES!

Designed by anglers for anglers who want to catch more fish!

Complete Guide Series OFFICIAL Trailer


Do you spend hours, days and weekends using lures with no success?

This series doesn't just show you fish being caught like TV shows. It teaches you HOW to catch fish. On proven techniques that we use on every trip!


With tested and proven techniques used by the Social Fishing Team!

“Do you see photos of BIG fish and wish that was you in the picture? You can now learn the secrets of freshwater success with the first ever COMPLETE Lure Fishing Video Series.”

What's included in the Complete Guide Series?

The Complete Guide Lure Fishing Series is a collection of freshwater tutorial videos

Step by step videos that teach you how to catch freshwater fish. Starting at the gear and lures, all the way up to areas to targetcasting and trolling techniques, how to pick the best structure, how to find feeding fish, retrieve patterns and styles and much much more! These videos are packed with information that isn’t available anywhere else but best of all they still have plenty of action!

The Complete Guide Series teaches you the fundamentals, covering every aspect of freshwater lure fishing. Important tips that will help you successfully catch Murray Cod, Golden Perch, Trout and even Carp on a range of different lure and fly styles.

Step by Step Videos

Step by step videos that teach you how to catch freshwater fish

Lure Techniques

Packed full of trolling and casting techniques for all fishing styles!

Catch more Fish

After watching this series you will catch more fish!


That’s right… there is plenty of action as well!

Continue below to find out more about each series…


Bonus Pack Content

This pack includes:

All 8 Complete Guide Tutorial Series


Bonus Content – ‘Knots & Rigs Tutorial Series’ + ‘Maintenance & Setups Tutorial Series’ 

2 Tutorial Series – 16 Videos – 2 Hours of Content

Valued at $50



This pack includes:

All 8 Complete Guide Tutorial Series
Bonus Content


How does Barometric Pressure
Affect Murray Cod
4 things you need to know

What is Barometric Pressure and how does it affect Murray Cod?

This plus many more questions are answered in this tutorial video, as I explain the behaviours of Murray Cod in relation to the Barometric Pressure.

There is a lot of unknown among anglers when it comes to Barometric pressure and how it affects Murray Cod. Many anglers even wonder if it impacts their behaviour at all… and the answer to this is a big YES! The pressure can be the difference between catching multiple fish in a session and catching nothing and if you can time your fishing trips correctly – you’ll catch more fish!

This video explains everything you’ll need to know about Barometric pressure and Murray Cod!

In this 38 min tutorial I cover 4 important things you need to know:
    1. What is Barometric Pressure?
    2. How does it affect the fish?
    3. Following the Barometer to pick the best fishing
    4. Reading Graphs & Predicting Barometric Pressure

Understanding each of these 4 areas is key to success! Murray Cod will behave different depending on the pressure trend and if you understand these trends, you’ll find more hungry fish, more often!

Blowering Dam Secrets e-Book

The Blowering Dam Secrets eBook is the first eBook of its kind to be available to freshwater anglers and it includes extensive information on targeting Blowering’s monster COD!


Blowering Dam would be one of the best fisheries for HUGE cod but it is also one of the toughest places to fish with many anglers ending their trip empty handed.

Have you ever fished Blowering Dam for big cod with no success? You’re not alone.

Even though these big fish are here, they can be extremely tough to catch… but not anymore! This 40 page e-Book will lead you to metre cod success. The content included in this book has been collected from hundreds of trips over the past decade.

What you are about to learn:

  • The best access spots, reserves and boat ramps along Blowering Dam
  • The characteristics of Blowering Murray Cod and how they behave
  • Best Seasons to fish Blowering for big Murray Cod
  • Top 3 Lure Fishing Techniques
  • Rhys’ Top 5 Best Areas to fish – with detailed maps, analysis of banks, where to fish at what height and even where we have landed some of our metre cod (25 pages of detailed maps)
  • Plus a Bonus Tip for success in Blowering Dam

With this eBook you no longer have to waste your time searching for the best bank, trying different lure types and techniques – the answers are all in this eBook!


Complete Guide – Murray Cod and Golden Perch in Rivers on DVD

You’ll get our biggest and most popular series posted to you on DVD (once available). This series teaches you how to lure fish on rivers and creeks. Everything from walking the banks, to lure selection, gear selection and even trolling!

It includes:

  • Pt 1 – Introduction (27 mins)
  • Pt 2 – Gear Selection (25 mins)
  • Pt 3 – Lure Selection (69 mins)
  • Pt 4 – Casting (21 mins)
  • Pt 5 – Casting pt 2 (30 mins)
  • Pt 6 – Casting from the bank (40 mins)
  • Pt 7 – Trolling (30 mins)
  • Bonus – Inflatable Boat Drifting the Murrumbidgee River

8 TUTORIALS that run for over 282 MINS!


Rhys Answers the 3 Most Asked Questions:

– Do you fish with a head torch on at night?
– How does the moon phase affect the fish?
– How to increase your hook-up rate with soft plastics?

Here's what customers of the Complete Guide Series have to say...

Graham with an 89cm Murray Cod he caught after watching the Complete Guide Series
Just wanted to say to Rhys and the team at Social Fishing, what a fantastic job you have done on the Complete Guide Series. Can’t help but think I’m watching prime time TV. Great job on the quality of production that is jam packed full of tips and info. Have helped me go from pot luck fishing to now seeing consistent catches.
Graham Osborne
Social Fishing Follower
I’ve fished Blowering Dam since I was a young bloke and have never managed to crack a metre Murray Cod. I decided to purchase and watch the Complete Guide Lure Fishing Series and headed up to the dam for cod opening. I managed to land my PB Murray Cod at 117cm using the trolling techniques from the series. Great tutorial videos by the Social Fishing team!
Charles Cribb
Social Fishing Follower
Charles with his 117cm Murray Cod caught on his first trip after using the techniques from the Complete Guide Series
Andrew with his lure fishing rewards near his home town along the Murrumbidgee River
The ‘Complete Guide – Lure Fishing Series’ is packed with excellent educational fishing tips, advice and is very affordable. I highly recommend this series for all anglers from beginners right through to the experienced. It has taught me so much about freshwater fishing, I highly recommend it.
Social Fishing Follower
Boys I reckon you’re off to a great start! I wish I had these types of videos and information when I was younger. I really enjoyed the videos so far and to be honest I don’t think I’d change anything about them. I love the in depth explanations on all the lures and techniques.
Social Fishing Subscriber

Series and Tutorial Details

Read below to find out everything about each tutorial video and series…

Murray Cod & Golden Perch in Rivers (worth $49)



This series teaches you how to lure fish on rivers and creeks for both Murray Cod and Golden Perch. This is the most in-depth series in the Complete Guide with over 8 tutorials covering everything. The series includes:

  • Pt 1 – Introduction
  • Pt 2 – Gear Selection
  • Pt 3 – Lure Selection
  • Pt 4 – Casting
  • Pt 5 – Casting Pt2
  • Pt 6 – Casting from the Bank
  • Pt 7 – Trolling
  • Bonus – Inflatable Boat Drifting the Murrumbidgee River

Murray Cod in Dams (worth $49)



This series teaches you how to lure fish for monster Murray Cod in Lakes and Dams. It covers the gear and lure selection (including big soft plastics and rigging styles), best structures to target, and even casting and Trolling techniques! The series includes:

  • Pt 1 – Introduction
  • Pt 2 – Gear Selection
  • Pt 3 – Lure Selection
  • Pt 4 – Casting
  • Pt 5 – Trolling
  • Bonus – Rigging Soft Plastics for Murray Cod

Golden Perch in Dams (worth $49)



This series teaches you how to lure fish for Golden Perch in dams. Everything from; the gear you need, what lures to use in what situation, the best structure to fish and the best casting and trolling techniques, and even how to retrieve your lures! The series includes:

  • Pt 1 – Introduction
  • Pt 2 – Gear Selection
  • Pt 3 – Lure Selection
  • Pt 4 – Casting
  • Pt 5 – Casting Pt2
  • Pt 6 – Trolling
  • Bonus – Blowering Dam Golden Perch on Plastics

Trout in Rivers & Streams (worth $39)



This series teaches you how to lure fish for Trout in rivers and streams. Everything from; the gear you need and what lures are the best, to the best areas to target, how to cast in deep pools and fast running rapids, plus much more! The series includes:

  • Pt 1 – Introduction
  • Pt 2 – Gear Selection
  • Pt 3 – Lure Selection
  • Pt 4 – Casting
  • Bonus – Snowy Mountains Trout

Carp on Lure & Fly (worth $39)



Carp might be a pest but they are still great fun to catch – especially on lures and fly! This series is jam packed with Carp action from both creeks and dams and along the way we show you the best lures, flies and techniques! Let’s have some FUN! The series includes:

  • Pt 1 – Gear, Lures & Flies
  • Pt 2 – Lakes & Dams
  • Pt 3 – Creeks & Rivers
  • Bonus – Burrinjuck Summer Carp Action

Murray Cod on Surface (worth $49)



Targeting Murray Cod on surface lures would by far be the most exciting way to catch them. Nothing beats getting boofed by a big cod. This series teaches you EVERYTHING about surface fishing in both river, creeks and dams. Best of all its full of insane action, plenty of boofs and even a metre cod! The series includes:

  • Pt 1 – Creeks & Streams
  • Pt 2 – Lakes & Dams
  • Pt 3 – Rivers
  • Bonus – Coming Soon

Trout on Fly (COMING SOON)



Fly fishing doesn’t have to be hard! It’s actually very easy and such a satisfying form of fishing. That’s whys we created this series, to help you get into fly fishing for Trout – the easy way! We cover both rivers and creeks, wet and dry techniques, and there is plenty of action along the way!

Trout in Lakes & Dams (COMING SOON)



Target Trout in lakes and dams is a very popular style of fishing and this series teaches you everything you need to know. From trolling and casting setups, to lure selection, trolling techniques and where to cast, plus plenty of Snowy Mountains Trout action!

BONUS Pack Content

Knots & Rigs Tutorial Series (worth $25)

Learn how to tie all the knots you’ll ever need to know for freshwater fishing. From leaders knots all the way down to the knots that joins your leader to lure!


Maintenance & Setups Tutorial Series (worth $25)

Fishing doesn’t just involve the gear, lures and tackle, there are other things you’ll need to learn along the way, like; how to wire an electric motor to a battery, how to roll start a car, how to rig a stinger hook on a spinnerbait and even how to look after your boats bearings.


‘Each series has been created in the same structure and layout making it easy for you to navigate. That way you can choose exactly what you want to learn about!’

Best of all, you get to keep them forever to access on your Social Fishing Account whenever you want.


100% Guarantee 'Catch More Fish'

Still not 100% convinced? No worries... because if you aren't catching more fish within 60 days, you get a full refund.

If you put in the hard work and watch the entire Complete Guide Series you will become a better angler! I can confidently say that this series will provide you with the techniques and tools that you'll need to catch more freshwater fish.


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Frequently Asked Questions

This series will teach you how to successfully catch native fish on lures. It covers proven techniques (casting and trolling), lure selection and gear selection.

There is also diagrams and maps showing details for each technique, structure analysis and we also show you how to fish the structure correctly, best seasons, retrieve patterns and styles plus way more!

After watching this series you’ll be able to catch more Murray Cod, Golden Perch and Trout using lures!

This series is online and you gain access via your Social Fishing Account. Once you purchase the series it will be available from inside your ‘My Account’ page. Browse through the series and stream the videos as many times as you like.

Some individual series are available on DVD, the rest will be released throughout 2018 and are available on the Social Fishing Store.

Yes… Once you pay you gain instant access to all the tutorial series. When you pay you’ll be automatically logged in to your new account, from there you can access the tutorials from your account on the website.

Forever… the tutorials will stay in your account forever and you can come back to watch them whenever you want.

The Complete Guide Series includes 8 in-depth tutorial series that cover different styles of freshwater lure fishing. There are 46 tutorials included in these 8 series. Plus there are an extra 16 videos in the Bonus Content and another 1 in the Platinum content which totals 63 tutorial videos.

You can watch these tutorials on also every device, the most common is; PC (computer), Laptop, Mobile Phone, iPad or Tablet. But you can also stream and watch them via the internet on your TV or through your Laptop connected to your TV with a HDMI cable.

DVD Series can be watched on your TV via a DVD player.

The Complete Guide Series is designed and created by Social Fishing founder Rhys Creed. He has a passion for freshwater fishing and helping other to achieve success.

He grew up fishing in every spare moment he had and has never stopped. Rhys loves challenging the status quo and is always testing new techniques, fishing styles and lures to find the most successful and exciting way of catching freshwater fish. These hours of time he has spent on the water has provided Rhys with first hand experience in which he shares in this series.

Rhys is joined by other Social Fishing team members and guests; Chris Cotterill, Jack Zyhalak, Tallis Cotterill, Adam Smith and James Norney in the series who also have extensive knowledge on freshwater fishing.

You can access the series wherever you want as long as you have internet connection. The tutorials require internet for you to be able to stream and watch them.

The tutorials run for more than 25 hours if you were to watch them back to back. But they are all sorted into parts and series that allow you to choose the exact tutorials that interest you the most.

Yes it will… Metre Plus Murray Cod are the holy grail for cod anglers and we spent a lot of time in the cod series sharing tips on finding and landing these monster fish.

The ‘Murray Cod in Dams’ and ‘Murray Cod on Surface’ series cover a lot of techniques, lures and areas to target for those wanting to land that fish of a lifetime.

No worries at all… if you are 100% convinced it has helped you in any way or it didn’t help you to catch more fish within 60 days, we will give you a full refund.

If you put in the hard work and watch the entire Complete Guide Series you will become a better angler! I can confidently say that this series will provide you with the techniques and tools that you’ll need to catch more freshwater fish.

Yes… This series is for everyone! Whether your a Beginner, and Avid Angler or an Expert, this series will have something for you. The series is easy to follow for someone who is new to freshwater lure fishing and starts at the basics. But it also steps up into in depth techniques and content which even the best of anglers will benefit from.

It sure does!!! This series also includes plenty of action and fish caught on camera! Just to show that what we are showing you actually works! This action makes the series not only educational but exciting to watch.

This series will teach you how to catch Murray Cod, Golden Perch, Trout and even Carp in a range of different situations, like; rivers, creeks, stream, lakes and dams.

How the Complete Guide Series will help you…

Save $$$$$

Stop spending money on wasted fuel and lures that you don’t need.

This series will teach you where to fish and what lures to use!

Stop Wasting Time

If you only get to fish a few times a month because of other commitments – you want to be catching fish when you go!

You’ll know exactly where to fish after watching this series.

Brag to your mates!

There is nothing better than catching a BIG fish and sending the photo off to your mates.

You’ll be able to do this more often!

Fish with confidence

Be confident with your lure choice, or the bank/structure you choose to fish.

Confidence = more SUCCESS!

Meet your presenters

The series is presented by the Social Fishing team. A group of keen anglers who have spent most of their life fishing the freshwater and using the proven techniques taught in this series:

Rhys Creed –

Rhys is the Social Fishing Founder and main presenter in majority of the Complete Guide Series Tutorials. He grew up casting lures for native species and has fished the freshwater all his life.

Rhys has a passion for teaching others about this great sport and wants to reach out to as many keen anglers as possible. He shares his wealth of knowledge on all things freshwater in this series. Sharing secrets, techniques and years worth of knowledge in a step by step video series.

He has caught countless freshwater fish including plenty of Monster Murray Cod – all on techniques he shares in the series.

See the gallery below for some of Rhys’ best captures, inclusing his PB Murray Cod of 130cm:

Chris Cotterill –

As a key team member and Social Fishing Presenter, Chris passes on his passion and love for fishing throughout this series. Teaching you everything he has learnt over his 30 years of fishing and sharing plenty of excitement along the way.

Chris presents in a number of tutorials throughout the entire Complete Guide Series including Murray Cod on Surface where him and Jack hit the water in search of small creek cod. Chris shares years worth of knowledge and even manages to get onto a metre plus Murray Cod on surface from a small creek!

With over 3 decades worth of freshwater fishing knowledge Chris knows how to tempt even the most intelligent of fish!

Jack Zyhalak –

Jack grew up fishing the banks of the Murrumbidgee River with Rhys when they just young kids. He learnt the art of using spinnerbaits by spending hours, days and weekends on the water from a very young age.

With all the experience it’s like second nature for Jack to pick the best area on the log to target. He knows where the fish is and he knows where to cast.

Jack presents and appears in a number of tutorials including, ‘Surface Fishing for Murray Cod’ where Jack and Chris spend the night walking a small creek and landing some brilliant fish.

Adam Smith –

Adam loves his Trout fishing and spends almost every weekend exploring the Snowy Mountains Region searching for Trout in remote locations. He loves hiking up small creeks and rivers casting small lures in pristine conditions.

Adam joins Rhys in a few of the Trout tutorials in both the River and Dams series. He shares his wealth of knowledge on catching these great fish on a range of lure fishing techniques.

Tallis Cotterill –

Tallis is youngest team member of Social Fishing, but it doesn’t mean this kid doesn’t know how to fish! Tallis has some massive achievements to his name including countless metre Murray Cod!

He is an intelligent and aware young angler who is always ensure that each cast is perfect. Tallis appears in the Murray Cod and Golden Perch in Rivers – Bonus Tutorial, where he and Rhys fish the Murrumbidgee River from the inflatable boat. They catch heaps of natives during this great river session! A must see tutorial!

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