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How does Barometric Pressure
Affect Murray Cod
4 things you need to know

What is Barometric Pressure and how does it affect Murray Cod?

This plus many more questions are answered in this tutorial video, as I explain the behaviours of Murray Cod in relation to the Barometric Pressure.

There is a lot of unknown among anglers when it comes to Barometric pressure and how it affects Murray Cod. Many anglers even wonder if it impacts their behaviour at all… and the answer to this is a big YES! The pressure can be the difference between catching multiple fish in a session and catching nothing and if you can time your fishing trips correctly – you’ll catch more fish!

This video explain everything you’ll need to know about Barometric pressure and Murray Cod!

In this 38 min tutorial I cover 4 important things you need to know:
    1. What is Barometric Pressure?
    2. How does it affect the fish?
    3. Following the Barometer to pick the best fishing
    4. Reading Graphs & Predicting Barometric Pressure

Understanding each of these 4 areas is key to success! Murray Cod will behave different depending on the pressure trend and if you understand these trends, you’ll find more hungry fish, more often!

Blowering Dam Secrets e-Book

The Blowering Dam Secrets eBook is the first eBook of its kind to be available to freshwater anglers and it includes extensive information on targeting Blowering’s monster COD!


Blowering Dam would be one of the best fisheries for HUGE cod but it is also one of the toughest places to fish with many anglers ending their trip empty handed.

Have you ever fished Blowering Dam for big cod with no success? You’re not alone.

Even though these big fish are here, they can be extremely tough to catch… but not anymore! This 40 page e-Book will lead you to metre cod success. The content included in this book has been collected from hundreds of trips over the past decade.

What you are about to learn:

  • The best access spots, reserves and boat ramps along Blowering Dam
  • The characteristics of Blowering Murray Cod and how they behave
  • Best Seasons to fish Blowering for big Murray Cod
  • Top 3 Lure Fishing Techniques
  • Rhys’ Top 5 Best Areas to fish – with detailed maps, analysis of banks, where to fish at what height and even where we have landed some of our metre cod (25 pages of detailed maps)
  • Plus a Bonus Tip for success in Blowering Dam

With this eBook you no longer have to waste your time searching for the best bank, trying different lure types and techniques – the answers are all in this eBook!


Complete Guide – Murray Cod and Golden Perch in Rivers on DVD

You’ll get our biggest and most popular series posted to you on DVD (once available). This series teaches you how to lure fish on rivers and creeks. Everything from walking the banks, to lure selection, gear selection and even trolling!

It includes:

  • Pt 1 – Introduction (27 mins)
  • Pt 2 – Gear Selection (25 mins)
  • Pt 3 – Lure Selection (69 mins)
  • Pt 4 – Casting (21 mins)
  • Pt 5 – Casting pt 2 (30 mins)
  • Pt 6 – Casting from the bank (40 mins)
  • Pt 7 – Trolling (30 mins)
  • Bonus – Inflatable Boat Drifting the Murrumbidgee River

8 TUTORIALS that run for over 282 MINS!


Rhys Answers the 3 Most Asked Questions:

– Do you fish with a head torch on at night?
– How does the moon phase affect the fish?
– How to increase your hook-up rate with soft plastics?


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