Maintenance & Setups Tutorial Series – $25

This series is different to the others on our website. It’s full of a range of fishing related tips and processes! Things that you’ll need to know if your fishing on a regular basis in the freshwater.

Your personal collection of maintenance & setups videos!

What's included in this series

Maintenance & Setups Tutorial Series

The Maintenance and Setups tutorials teach you all about the extras and technical side of fishing and boating. This is the side of fishing that is usually forgotten about and can be difficult to find quality information. That’s why we decided to build these tutorials for you.

In the videos we give a quick overview about; how difficult it is to tie each knot (easy, medium or hard), the application of the knot (if it joins leader or if it is used to fix a hook or lure) and what line class works with each knot.



Tutorial Videos:

Rig up a Stinger Hook and Soft Plastic on your Spinnerbait

Wire your Electric Motor and Battery

Launch and Retrieve a Boat on a Steep Bank

Grease Bearings and Install Bearing Buddies

Roll Start a Car

Spool your Reel with Line

Top Shot your Reel with Line


Once purchased, you get to keep the tutorials forever to access on your Social Fishing Account whenever you want.

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