The Social Fishing Team are a group of keen freshwater anglers who have a PASSION for freshwater fishing! Spending time out on the water, target all Australia freshwater fish, learning new techniques and then sharing them through the website.

Rhys Creed

- Social Fishing Founder

Rhys Creed is the founder of Social Fishing with the beginning of the brand starting back in 2014. Ever since that day he has been passionate about helping other catch more fish and become better anglers. Rhys features in most of the content on the website and he is also a public speaker having appeared at a number of Boat Shows, Expos and Tackle Shops. He has been fishing for a number of years and loves all forms of freshwater fishing. His favourite style of fishing is casting for Murray Cod in fast water rivers.

Tallis Cotterill

- Team Member, Author & Video Presenter

Tallis Cotterill may only be young but he knows how to catch fish! Over recent years since joining the team Tallis has been kicking massive goals; catching giant cod, fly fishing in New Zealand and successfully landing quality fish in both rivers and dams. Tallis is always trying new techniques and loves the hunt for big Blowering Cod! Tallis is a regular writer of the website and appears in a number of videos including the ‘Complete Guide Series’ and he aims to help other anglers learn more about freshwater fishing.

Jack Hocking

- SF Team Member, Mulwala Contributor & Fishing Guide

Jack Hocking grew up in Barooga on the Murray River and has spent all his life fishing the border region around Mulwala. He has dedicated a massive part of his life to figuring out how to catch metre plus cod in Lake Mulwala. Jack operates fishing charters (Lake Mulwala Sportfishing) out of Yarrawonga, VIC which he started in 2020. Lake Mulwala is the most popular fishing destination, but he also runs tours on the Murray River, Lake Hume, Eildon, Eppalock and more. You can learn more or book a guided day at lakemulwalasportfishing.com.au

Dan Webber

- SF Team Member & Burrinjuck Contributor

Dan Webber calls Burrinjuck Dam his second home and is on the dam whenever he gets the chance. He grew up learning his skills in the salt on the Hawkesbury River chasing a range of species including big Carp in the brackish water and Blackfish off the break walls. Dan loves helping other catch fish and enjoying writing and creating videos. His ideal day would be a sunny, calm day chasing both cod and yellas at Burirnjuck Dam.

Chris Cotterill

- Team Member, Author & Video Presenter

Chris is an avid angler who loves challenging the statuesque. He produces written content in the form of articles and writes the ‘Industry Talk’ column on the site. He also appears and hosts many of the tutorials in the Complete Guide series, where he shares his wealth of knowledge. Chris is a passionate freshwater angler who loves to teach other people about this great sport. Bank walking along rivers and creeks is his favourite style of fishing, especially in the heat of summer using surface lures.

Adam Smith

- Trout Expert and Team Member

Adam Smith is a valuable team member of Social Fishing and is also a lure maker. He is the founder and owner of FTL Lures where he makes quality and affordable spinners which are great for Trout, Redfin and Golden Perch. Adam loves his Trout fishing and spends most of his time in the Snowy Mountains trekking the small streams and paddling across the lakes in his kayak. He has a wealth of knowledge on Trout and regularly writes for the website and appears in the Trout videos. You can visit the FTL website here: FTL Lures Website

Mitchell Condell

- SF Team Member & Mitch Condell YouTube Hunting Channel

Mitchell Condell has found a passion for freshwater fishing over the last few years and loves casting spinnerbaits along the Murrumbidgee River. With the river right in his backyard he is able to test new techniques and lures in the clear and fast flowing waters. His dedication has allowed him to grow into a better angler after every trip. He is learning the ropes of Videography and Photography after joining the team and he will start writing and appearing in videos in the future as he has a lot to offer to followers.

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Peter 'Stumpy' Brunt

- SF Team Member & Owner of Mud Guts Spinnerbaits

Stumpy is the original video man and spent a lot of time behind the camera in the early days. He has been fishing for most of his life and has a lot of knowledge on natives and trout. He spends most of his time travelling around the Riverina in both his boat and in his caravan. Stumpy is a valued member of the team with plenty of technical and maintenance experience.

Ryan 'Carp' Giltrap

- SF Online Store Operator

Ryan loves his freshwater fishing and also has a wealth of website development knowledge and experience behind him. Ryan and Rhys work on the website and tech side of Social Fishing, including the Social Fishing Store. He grew up fishing his whole life and loves both casting lures for big cod and spending an afternoon on the river with his kids. Ryan is also the man behind the SF Store. He is an expert carp angler, even though he doesn’t like to admit it.

Stuart Matheson

Social Fishing Team Member

Stuart loves all forms of freshwater fishing and learning from other to better his skills. The freshwater lure scene is something Stuart and he has learnt many valuable angling skills over recent years. His favourite form of fishing is floating down shallow rivers casting from an inflatable boat casting spinnerbaits which he does on a regular basis with the team.

Jack Zyhalak

Social Fishing Team Member

Jack grew up with the love of freshwater fishing and spent every weekend on the water with Rhys when they were younger. Jack helped grow the website in its early days and is responsible for many of the camera shots, productions and tutorial videos, including the ‘Complete Guide Series’. He also appears in the ‘Murray Cod on Surface’ series and is a regular writer for the website.