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Online & DVD Tutorial Series

Complete Guide Series - Packs

A series of tutorial videos, that teach you how to fish. Learn how to use lures to catch Australian freshwater fish! It’s just like having your own fishing guide!

There are 3 different packs available to choose from including; Bonus, Platinum and Native. Buy in a pack and save!

10 Series - 26 Hours - Over 50 Videos

Complete Guide Series - Individual Series

Tutorial series, that teaches you how to fish. Learn how to use lures to catch Australian freshwater fish!

Only interested in one series in the Complete Guide? Browse through all 8 series to find the one you watch the watch. Starting at $39.


Rigs & Knots Tutorial Series

Learn how to tie all the knots you’ll ever need to know for freshwater fishing. From leaders knots all the way down to the knots that joins your leader to lure! As well as some simple rigs and setups.

9 Tutorial Videos - 40 Mins of Content


Maintenance & Setups Tutorial Series

Fishing doesn’t just involve the gear, lures and tackle, there are other things you’ll need to learn along the way, like; how to wire an electric motor to a battery, how to roll start a car, how to rig a stinger hook on a spinnerbait and even how to look after your boats bearings.

7 Tutorial Videos - 60 Mins of Content


Rigging Soft Plastics For Murray Cod

In this video tutorial you will learn: The 3 brand NEW and proven rigging techniques designed by Chris Cotterill and Rhys Creed.

40 Mins - 3 Unique Rigging Styles - Step by Step Process

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